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Membership Login Username or Email:. Remember Me. Paramedic Glossary Terms. ABCs: airway, breathing, and circulation. ABO blood groups: four blood groups formed by the presence sbiten Slang von Prostatitis absence of two antigens known as A and B. An immune response will be activated whenever a person receives blood containing A or B antigen if this antigen is not already present in his own blood.

The term "abortion" refers to both miscarriage and induced abortion. Commonly, "abortion" is used for elective termination of pregnancy and "miscarriage" for the loss of a fetus by natural means. A miscarriage is sometimes called a "spontaneous abortion. Addison's disease: endocrine disorder characterized by adrenocortical insufficiency.

Symptoms may include weakness, fatigue, weight loss, hyperpigmentation of skin and mucous membranes. Addisonian crisis: form of shock associated with adrenocortical insufficiency and characterized by profound hypotension and electrolyte imbalances. Energy is stored in ATP. Also called regulatory law. The document provides guidelines on treatment if the person is no longer capable of making decisions.

Sensory nerves are afferent nerves. AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a group of signs, symptoms, and disorders that often develop as a consequence of HIV infection. In the blood, albumin works to maintain blood volume and blood pressure and provides colloid osmotic pressure, which prevents plasma loss from the capillaries. Allergens may be protein or non-protein, although most are proteins.

Alzheimer's disease: a degenerative brain disorder; the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. Also called Lou Gehrig's disease. APGAR scoring: a numerical system of rating the condition of a newborn. It evaluates the newborn's heart rate, respiratory rate, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color.

ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome. Automatic Collision Notification ACN system: data collection and transmission system that can automatically contact a national call center or local public safety answering point PSAP and transmit specific crash data.

It is divided into the sympathetic and sbiten Slang von Prostatitis parasympathetic systems. B lymphocytes: the type of white blood cells that, in response to the presence of an antigen, produce antibodies that attack the antigen, develop a memory for the antigen, and confer long-term immunity to the antigen.

Babinski's response: big toe dorsiflexes and the other toes fan out when sole is stimulated. They bind to the cells of a host organism to obtain food and support. Battle's sign: black sbiten Slang von Prostatitis blue discoloration over the mastoid process. Bell's palsy: one-sided facial paralysis with an unknown cause characterized by the inability to close the eye, pain, tearing of the eyes, drooling, hypersensitivity to sound, and impairment of taste.

It is usually associated with basilar skull fracture. Also called raccoon eyes. BiPAP: bilevel positive airway pressure. Bowman's capsule: the hollow, cup-shaped first part of the nephron tubule. It is comprised of the mesencephalon midbrainthe pons, and the medulla oblongata. Broselow tape: sbiten Slang von Prostatitis measuring tape sbiten Slang von Prostatitis infants that provides important information regarding airway equipment and medication doses based on your patient's length.

Brudzinki's sign: physical exam finding in which flexion of the neck sbiten Slang von Prostatitis flexion of the hips and knees. A membrane enclosing a thick fluid and a nucleus. Cells are specialized to carry out all of the body's basic functions. It plays an important role in the fine motor movement, posture, equilibrium, and muscle tone.

The cerebrospinal fluid also serves as an accessory circulatory system for the central nervous system. It sbiten Slang von Prostatitis of two hemispheres separated by a deep longitudinal fissure. It is the seat of consciousness and the center of the higher mental functions such as memory, learning, reasoning, judgment, intelligence, sbiten Slang von Prostatitis emotions. Cheyne-Stokes respiration: respiratory pattern of alternating periods of apnea and tachypnea.

It typically occurs with exertion and subsides with rest. Also called direct sbiten Slang von Prostatitis. Fibrin forms a network that walls off an infection and forms a clot that stops bleeding and serves as a foundation for repair and healing of a wound.

Command: the individual or group responsible for coordinating all activities and who makes final decisions on the emergency scene; often referred to as the Incident Commander IC or Officer in Charge OIC. Command Post CP : place where command officers from various agencies can meet with each other and select a management staff. Command Staff: officers who report directly to the Incident Commander; officers who handle public information, safety, outside liaisons, and critical stress debriefing; also known as Management Staff.

Also called case law or judge-made law. Signs and symptoms are limited, and the human system functions normally. When activated, the complement system is involved in most of the events of inflammatory response. In most sbiten Slang von Prostatitis, the unconsciousness will be followed by a complete return of function.

Examples: bone, cartilage, fat, blood. CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure. Crohn's disease: idiopathic inflammatory bowel disorder associated with the small intestine.

Crowning is an indication of impending delivery. In solution, unlike colloids, they can diffuse through a membrane, such as a capillary wall. Intravenous solutions that contain electrolytes but lack the larger proteins associated with colloids.

Cullen's sign: ecchymosis in the periumbilical area. Cushing's reflex: response due to cerebral ischemia that causes an increase in systemic blood pressure, which maintains cerebral perfusion during increased intracranial pressure. Cushing's syndrome: pathological condition resulting from excess adrenocortical hormones.

Symptoms may include changed body habitus, hypertension, and vulnerability to infection. Cushing's triad: a collective change in vital signs increased blood pressure, decreased pulse rate, and irregular respirations associated with increasing intracranial pressure.

The condition is directly related to poor ventilation. The patient presents with stiff and extended extremities and retracted head. The patient presents with the arms sbiten Slang von Prostatitis, fists clenched, and legs extended. This allows them to depolarize uniformly, resulting in an organized rhythm. Delayed hypersensitivity reactions are usually less severe than immediate reactions. DeLee suction trap: a suction device that contains a suction trap connected to a suction catheter.

The negative pressure that powers it can come either from the mouth of the operator or, preferably, from an external vacuum source. Patients experience visual, tactile, and auditory disturbances.

Death may result in severe cases. Marked by high blood glucose, metabolic acidosis, and, in advanced stages, coma. Ketoacidosis is often called diabetic coma. It contains the thalamus, hypothalamus, and the limbic system. In reference to the heart, an abnormal enlargement resulting from pathology.

For example, sodium bicarbonate, when placed in water, dissociates into a sodium cation and a bicarbonate anion. Distention of the abdomen may be an ominous sign. Do Not Resuscitate DNR order: sbiten Slang von Prostatitis document, usually signed by the patient and his physician, that indicates to medical personnel which, if any, life-sustaining measures sbiten Slang von Prostatitis be taken when the patient's heart and respiratory functions have ceased.

Drug treatment of asthma aims sbiten Slang von Prostatitis relieve bronchospasm and decrease inflammation. Motor nerves are efferent nerves. Einthoven's triangle: the triangle around the heart formed by the bipolar limb leads. It may be displayed either on paper or on an oscilloscope. Emergency Medical Services for Children EMSC : federally funded program aimed at improving the sbiten Slang von Prostatitis of pediatric patients who suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Also called the growth plate. Examples: skin, mucous membranes, the lining of the intestinal tract. Esophageal Tracheal CombiTube: dual-lumen sbiten Slang von Prostatitis with a ventilation port for each lumen. This date is usually set at 40 weeks after the date of the mother's last menstrual period LMP. ETT: endotracheal tube.

It is faster than the basic metabolic rate. Extracellular fluid is comprised of intravascular fluid and interstitial fluid. Facilities Unit: selects and maintains areas used for rehabilitation and command. FiO2: concentration of oxygen in inspired air. Breathing will cause paradoxical chest wall motion.

French: unit of measurement approximately equal to one-third millimeter. Geiger counter: an instrument sbiten Slang von Prostatitis to detect and measure the radiation given off by an object or area.