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Skip to main content Battle of Kursk. Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Just received this mighty tome on my doorstep and have flipped through it for some preliminary reactions. There are plenty of maps and illustrations, though many of the maps are average quality reproductions of wartime maps, in monochrome.

A nice touch, but given the expense of the book, I'd have rather seen these in colour. The glossy paper seems to reproduce these vintage maps well, but the regular paper, which also has original map reproductions, seems to fade them even Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise than I suspect the originals have faded in the archives. A book of this expense should have better images.

I was also surprised to see a typo in Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise first couple of pages I started to read - "to" rather than "two.

No idea how prevalent they are. Add to cart. In Stock. The author has chosen 11 specific issues that he felt were either not given Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise acknowledgement over the years or needed greater clarity or needed to be corrected to some degree.

Though wanting to discuss the entire contents of this book, it is outside the purview of this review so I'll list the varied topics. To give the potential reader a greater "feel" for the book, I will discuss one of my favorite topics in greater detail: Did Vatutin err in the preparation, planning and execution of Voronezh Front's defense. First, the issues covered in this book are: Introduction regarding the past, current and future research and literature on the campaign The Kastornoe Cauldron - the shattering of 2nd Army and the influence this Soviet success had on the boundary of the Kursk salient.

Von Manstein's successful counteroffensive in early March and how it influenced Operation Citadel Could Germany have won the campaign if it Zamulin was the director of the Battlefield Park at Prokhorovka, the site of the 'greatest tank battle' for years, which gives him an unmatched appreciation and knowledge of the terrain to supplement his painstaking research into the events in the Battle of Kursk.

This volume covers the 'other attack' by the Wehrmacht's Army Group South: Armeeabteilung Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise attack intended to cover the right flank of the main attack by 4th Panzer Army. Kursk The Southern Front Campaign. Only 16 left in stock more on the way. Even though I have read many books on the battle of Kursk, I learn something when I read another account. This one, Kursk Southern Front showed that the Germans were not so thorough in their planning, and even deployed their Panther tanks without any spare parts when I did new equipment fielding for the US Army's V Corps in German, this was called a support packageand Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise an old tanker and new equipment fielder, I could not believe this.

Were the Germans that desperate, or more sloppy planning. If one likes to read about the battle of Kursk, recommend this book and the other Mr. Forczyk did on Kursk: Northern Front to get a good overview of the 'largest tank battle. Available for download now. Great historical novel of the different actions at the battle of Kursk. Focus is on one Cossack family fighting for the Soviets and Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise SS officers, one from Spain and one trying to save Germany.

Lots of tank action plus superb characters. Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise All Buying Options. I have read Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise a book on the battle of Kursk in July ,but none as good or as balanced as this particular title. The book expoldes many a myth and Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise many questions which previous authours on this battle have left unanswered. Much of the works of previous titles have taken as gospel, the writings of Russian Commanders such as Rotmistrov, and Russian figures for destroyed german armour and casulaties that make this battle a decisive and complete victory by the Russians.

Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise myth of hundreds of Tiger tanks being destroyed has never really been challenged in depth by western Historians, until now. Mark Healy has put together a superb and extremely well balanced book that explores in great detail as to why this battle was fought, Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise plans proposed and discarded by the Germans, reasons for the delays in the commencement of the attack, Russian stratedgy, the strengths of opposing forces and Battle of Kursk Images of War.

With limited historical text that is so blatantly Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise, a good overview of this important battle of the Eastern Front is not forth coming. From reading the content, it's almost as if the Germans had won the battle, and its treatment of the Waffen SS divisions Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise almost heroic in nature. The pictures are numerous, Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise again they are all German photos, none from the Red Army.

I have been most pleased with other books in Images of War series, but this is too flawed for a good recommendation. Good book on the subject. Well done book on the Battle of Kursk. Great Graphics and breakdowns of both. German and Russian armies involved. Meconis Seattle, United States. This excellent translation and editing of the recently de-classified Soviet General Staff Study on the pivotal Eastern Front battle Kursk belongs in the libary of anyone seriously interested in the history of operational level warfare during World War II in Russia.

Until the fall of the Soviet Union, German accounts of the war in the East dominated the historical landscape. Because of its original secrecy, this document is relatively devoid of the turgid propaganda that characterizes the "official" public history of "The Great Patriotic War" in the Soviet Union.

Instead, one sometimes finds astonishing honesty and frankness concerning Soviet military failures during the battle, along with understandably glowing accounts of victory. Original maps, while Currently unavailable. These Wotan books number 22 in the series, but they are all out of order.

If you read them as numbered, people often come back to Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise who had died in the previous book. This Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise because they were written in odd years and Whiting Kessler had the events of the series laid out in different time frames as Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise mood took Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise. If you take the time to put them in chronological order, the series takes you from the opening days of World War II to the French Foreign Legion action in Viet Nam in the fifties.

And, by doing so, the series is much more sensible. This story surrounds the opening of the battle of Kursk and ends in Italy as the Allies swarm in from the boot. The first third of the book is Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise non-military showing the various soldiers of the division refitting Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise recuperating in Hamburg.

Kursk: History's Greatest Tank Battle. I have a copy of the book which I brought with me to the Kursk battlefield site. I found it good for reference while on the tour as did other tour members. I liked the index and bibliography. It is not the most comprehensive book on the subject, but had many facts and photos I had Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise run across before. I found it very useful. Citadel: The Battle of Kursk. A thourough description of the turning-point of the war.

It gives a very detailed lot of information of both sides of the battle and it includes also the political aspect, which is just as important as the military.

It is also well written and the language used is easily understood and also correct seen from a military point of Prostata-Massage Kursk Preise. Kursk: The Greatest Battle. For anybody who wants to read about the Campaign for the first time or for those who have read about it a long time ago, this would be an excellent overview to read. To the best of my knowledge, it contains the latest scholarship that refutes some of the exaggerations that have been around since the battle.

One area that Mr Clark frequently visits concerns the number of tanks that were destroyed and the subsequent numbers of remaining tanks available to the key corps and divisions to continue the battle. In addition to the ground action, the author frequently touches on the air war, showing examples where a battle was won or at least not lost with the help of their air forces.

Extending the coverage further, partisans ambushing a supply convey that would never reach Hoth or visiting a field aid station with overflowing patients waiting for attention or sappers Kursk: The German View.

Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Warning - this book is not for the "casual" WWII reader. If you qualify as such a reader, this book is a must have. If you are "new" to the subject - yet still intrested - I recommended buying "Images of Kursk" by Nik Cornish, which is an easier read, and a good introduction.

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