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F requently A Last nach TURP Q uestions page This Last nach TURP is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment of prostate problems. If you suspect prostate problems, contact your health care provider. Please see the list of common Questions and Answers regarding TURP below and click on the one s you want the answer to.

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FAQ Answers. The actual surgery does not have to be Last nach TURP, as you should have the option to be completely unconscious if you desire. Your doctor may opt to inspect the blockage area prior to surgery for a Last nach TURP idea of the severity of your problem and also as an aide to how the surgery will be performed.

This instrument of inspection is called a cytoscope, and should not cause you much pain, but will be quite uncomfortable during the actual examination, which thankfully, should only be a couple minutes. When you awake in the Recovery Room after the procedure, you will already have the catheter in your penis, and some pain killer medication in your blood stream via the IV. You will probably be disorientated, but you should not be in much pain. The initial recovery period of approx.

However, mainly it's the uncomfortableness of having the tube in your penis with the accompanying extra tube and bag, with you constantly, that is the challenge to deal with.

There will be declining pain when urinating due to the urinary canal called urethra distress, as well as dealing with the spastic convulsions of your bladder and prostate responding to the changes, as well as the "balloon" at the end of the catheter in your bladder. I learned to get around my yard with the bag quite well, but I'm not recommending this to anyone. You will Last nach TURP given medications for both the pain and spasms may have to ask for spasm med if you need itLast nach TURP there is more detailed information on medications in this site.

Although it may only be a few days that you have the catheter in you, it may well feel like a very long time! That is because Last nach TURP is unavoidably uncomfortable to have about 10 inches of tube up your penis. Your bladder does not appreciate the "balloon" that holds the catheter in either, and after it Last nach TURP from the operation Last nach TURP well attempt to push it out, causing you spasms.

Take your spasm medication for that, but only as prescribed, Last nach TURP you may cause yourself other problems. I had the catheter in for 4 days, but that may have been because a weekend was Last nach TURP.

You may get yours out sooner, and you may well be the person taking it out. Refer to Last nach TURP page for more information on dealing with Last nach TURP catheter.

You may be told that you cannot flush the catheter tubing too much, but that is not necessarily so. In fact, too much flushing can not only be unnecessary but can cause your already spastic bladder to spasm more. You should flush if you're sure the tube in your penis is plugged, indicated by either, blood and urine coming out around Last nach TURP tube where it goes in your penis, or by your need to urinate yet nothing is coming Last nach TURP the tube check for kinks in the tube.

However, be aware that a spastic bladder can cause blood and urine to seep-out around the tube, and also prevent you from being able to relax enough to have urine flow out the tube into the bag. If you need to flush, try to get as much water up into the bladder as possible so that the maximum flushing action can occur.

If necessary, use the larger center tube to inject water up into the bladder. If you try this method, make sure you clean everything before and after. First, when can Last nach TURP have it: It's hard to find information about when you can have sex after the operation, either via the internet or in printed material.

I find this a little strange considering the location of the operation and the importance of the subject. At any rate, as a rule-of-thumb, all other things being equal, you should be able to start safely having sex again about six to eight weeks after the operation "sex" includes masturbation.

This is based upon the TURP procedure, whereas others that are less invasive e. Laser Therapy may allow you to start sooner.

In any case, you should not start if you are still urinating blood and tissue. If in Last nach TURP, call your doctor and ask. Second, will this operation affect my sexual ability or desire: Regardless of the procedure selected for BPH, you should not have any physical reason to have Last nach TURP of a sex drive or capability of having sex, unless there was a problem with the surgery which rarely happens. In fact, since sexual capability is often based at least partly some would say mostly on your mental state, it may help you to know that you are less likely to impregnate your partner after having the treatment, due to retrograde ejaculation :.

This is because the muscle valve located at the bladder that previously directed ejaculations out the penis is often destroyed in procedures like TURPand your sperm now goes the direction of less resistance, i. The sperm is later harmlessly expelled when you urinate.

This should not be considered a fool-proof method of birth control, as some sperm could, and probably does, find it's way out the more traditional path, prior to, and during ejaculation. Whether this mentally affects your sexual performance is really a question of how you decide to think about it.

It can also make the sexual experience less "messy" and reduce the chances of infections for the woman due to less fluids going into her from you. Your choice. Click here for a Share Page email and response on this subject. Still concerned? Talk to your physician. As you can see below, there Last nach TURP many possible treatments for BPH, including Water-induced thermotherapy WITLaser surgery, Sonic and radio wavesdrugsballoons and stints, etc.

You should collect information and study each method and how it applies to your situation, and then discuss the results with your doctor, before deciding on any one. Last nach TURP that each surgeon that specializes in a Last nach TURP will attempt to convince you that their method is the best method for you to have.

Many procedures have less risks and lesser recovery periods, but then the effectiveness of the procedure to resolve your symptoms completely and long-term, may also be less. See the References and Links page for more Last nach TURP. Best wishes. NOTE: New procedures are constantly being created Last nach TURP this list is not complete by any means i. I am not out there looking for them, if you discover a new one let me Last nach TURP Other drugs relieve the symptoms Last nach TURP do nothing about resolving the physical problem of BPH.

Some men find these drugs gradually lose their effectiveness. Also they may take up to six months to take effect. However, someone only wanting relief from some moderately irritating symptoms that don't seem to be getting worse, may find drugs an effective way to accomplish this. Generally less effective for reducing symptoms and increasing urine flow than traditional surgical procedures e. There is also P hotoselective V aporization of the P rostate or PVPthat uses a laser so strong it vaporizes the tissue in a 20 to 50 minute outpatient operation.

Improvements may only last a few years with this technique. The body normally grows over the stent to hold it in place. Often this is used on patients with heart conditions or illnesses that preclude Last nach TURP risky, complicated surgery e. The procedure is usually performed using only local anesthetic gel to anesthetize the penis, and is seemingly well tolerated. FDA approved. Treatment is an outpatient procedure and takes about one hour. Patient can be sent home the same day and can resume normal activities within a day or two.

This procedure does not however produce instant results; it may take up to four weeks for urinary problems to be completely resolved.

It is performed much the same way as the laser or microwave Last nach TURP. Find other new treatments on the References page. The Prostate Institute whomever they are?

You Last nach TURP notice an increase flow improvement as soon as the catheter is out. Improvements will depend on which procedure Last nach TURP done, the patients prostate condition at the time of surgery, current age and health, and how well the patient adheres to the recovery plan, whether other medical conditions exist e. Diabetes can cause an extended period of bleedingsuccess of operation, etc. Expect a lot of the symptoms that inspired you to have a treatment done in the first place, to continue for awhile.

This surgery i. TURP is a major upset for the body and it will take some time for things to heal. The most important issue is: whether these symptoms are continuing to decrease with time. Full recovery can take up to a year or even two in some cases. I believe some patients also need to RETRAIN their bladder from the " bad " habits not really "bad", it did what it needed to do it previously followed Last nach TURP a result of their long term blockage due to prostate expansion.

There is a tendency for your system to continue to urinate small amounts of urine even Last nach TURP the operation, sort of Last nach TURP of habit". If left to itself the bladder to figure out the new situation, it could in some cases, Last nach TURP up to two years to adjust to this new experience of actually being full before sending the signal to void it's contents.

This may sound a little crazy, but when I went back to work I would delay somewhat when I Last nach TURP, so that my bladder would learn that I didn't need to go as often as before the operation. It's kind of a mind game, Last nach TURP that you tell yourself you don't need to go right away and can hold it for awhile longer.

You may actually need to forcefully tell yourself you are "not going right now"! You of course, do not want to carry this too far, i. Even though this may seem like it's a lot to go through, remember that you no longer have to take that daily and probably expensive medication, can continually Last nach TURP the time between urinating, get more restful sleep, not have to always consider where the nearest bathroom is, and hopefully not have to medically deal with this part of your body again in your lifetime See Pelvic floor muscle exercise.

Listed below are some of the post-op symptoms you will experience. There are probably lots of others, so send email with yours to add. General advice on how to deal with them is listed after, and there is more information on this Last nach TURP in the other questions and answersand also in the Medications page Last nach TURP.

Potential Remedies and Responses The above are all "normal" post-op symptoms, so if you want to eliminate them from your life, then you need to do something:.

There is also what Last nach TURP known as " TURP syndrome ", based upon possible post-operative complications, including temporary blindness due to irrigation fluid entering the bloodstream which can on very rare occasion lead to seizures, coma, and even death; toxic shock due to bacteria entering the bloodstream and internal hemorrhage due to blood exiting just about anywhere.

Generally TURP syndrome, when it does occur, is temporary usually lasting only the first 6 hours after surgery and is treated with medication that removes excess water from the body diuretic. Also there is about Last nach TURP 0. There is about a one Last nach TURP a hundred chance that you may acquire some lasting scar tissue from the TURP that would require a minor operation to remove it.

Sometimes patients after surgery get infections, like Prostatitis see question on this. And there maybe other problems that should be on this list that I am not aware of.